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BORN IN LISBON ON OCTOBER 4th 1974, Mafalda Arnauth had a passion for music since she was a little girl but had never really aspired to be an artist. The entertainment world finally won her over, however, when she was still at university, completing her 5th year of Veterinary Studies. Purely by chance, Mafalda Arnauth suddenly found herself transported into the world of the stage, recitals, and the fado music clubs, where she grew artistically with the applause, the public’s appreciation, and the discovery of herself through song.

With the characteristic freshness of a youthful voice that had hitherto been unknown in the world of fado, she captivated listeners early on with her spontaneity and the memories awakened by her interpretations of old hits. In time her flame grew until it was a blazing fire, bringing her own natural style, personality, and original compositions to the fado music she makes and revealing herself in a more characteristic and genuine manner.


Mafalda Arnauth’s unique voice, and her unique style of fado, could not fail to captivate and seduce the recording industry. It was EMI, without doubt the label that represents the vast majority of the biggest names in the genre, which gave her the opportunity to make her first album.

"Mafalda Arnauth," her first record, came out in 1999. Thanks to the encouragement of her producer, João Gil, it contained many of her own compositions.

Almost immediately, the work became a commercial and critical success, earning Mafalda the “Blitz” Magazine Newcomer’s Prize at the age of 24. The following year she was nominated in the best singer category for SIC’s Globos de Ouro awards, and her popularity increased in line with her maturity.

Despite its enormous impact, Mafalda Arnauth’s debut album was only the corollary of the dozens of concerts that she had played all around the world. Nevertheless, it ended up being the push that was needed to give her performances their own, special character.

A year after the success of her first album, having returned to Portugal after a long tour playing on stages around the country and abroad, she finally gave her debut performance in Lisbon, the home of fado. This was in September 2000, and all the tickets for the difficult venue that is the great auditorium in the Belem Cultural Centre were sold out.

Completely won over, the public showered Mafalda Arnauth with the unrestrained applause of their joy and "made her" understand — if there were still any doubt — that what was to come would certainly have to be even greater and better. Such was the public’s demand, such was their will, and such was their hope.

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