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In late September, the album “Flor de Fado” was released, an event celebrated with a live performance in October at the main auditorium of the Belém Cultural Centre. It was a moment of pure celebration and an indescribable reunion with her audience.

Throughout the rest of 2008, in addition to undertaking a busy promotional schedule for the album “Flor de Fado”, and playing several concerts in Portugal, she also managed to participate in the Atlantic Waves Festival in London and make a special appearance in a concert in honour of Totoio Cotunho, the great virtuoso of the Canarian timple.

2009 begun auspiciously: she participated in one of Italy’s most famous TV shows and her work was recognised by the Italian press. The year will culminate in the release of her latest album in Italy.

In April 2009, “Flor de Fado” was also released in France with a live performance at Les Trois Baudets, a venue where many great French musicians have made their debut.

There was also time for a small tour of Finland, which confirmed, in case there was any doubt, that Fado is enjoying special moments right now and that Mafalda Arnauth is able to discover new places and reach new audiences.

The “Clássicos, Standards e Raridades” [Classics, Standards, and Rare Pieces] concert performed at São Jorge Castle in 2008 represents the main focus of her career in the near future. Mafalda Arnauth has often stressed the importance of creativity and the need to create and share with the audience. But she also believes that we sometimes need to go back to our roots, to the essence that is within the Fado singer that enjoys composing. Mafalda Arnauth is always inspired by her creative spirit, and always has something unique to convey to her audience. In 2010, she will revisit the fado that surrounds her, the music which she increasingly feels to be her musical heritage, and from which she draws her inspiration.

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